Saturday, 13 January 2018

Conventions: A Message for First-Timers

CDR Erika Stroem

I don't know how many of you know my background but I was a hermit for eighteen years, scared to go anywhere in case I bumped into anyone who was part of why I was like it in the first place. There then began a time when I realised how much of my life I was wasting and had to try to figure how I could get myself out and about again.

My first thought was, what do I love? Easy—the answer was sci-fi and science fact, so the next stage was wondering where I could go for this.
I tried to go to the space centre in Leicester several times and failed terribly because it was Leicester where all the bad things that had happened to me in the past, had taken place there. So silly to try really!
Going to a convention had always been on my bucket list and I discussed this with my family. The following year they put me right in at the deep end and bought me a ticket for my birthday to a fantastic convention. Where? Only flipping Germany! What the hell were they thinking? How the hell was I going to get there? But they had also arranged for my sister to go with me.
I won't go into all the details of the journey as it would take too long, but believe me, it was epic and cost me twenty-three of my supply of diazepam (and that was just to get there), but I did it and I loved it!
It gave me the want and need to go to more conventions. I found a convention the following year in the UK—not too big and it concentrated on sci-fi rather than the Comic-Cons which deal in everything. It was First Contact Day by FCD Events. Big problem, though. It was in Leicester. Could I do it?
Yes, I did! And it was the best thing I ever did! I made loads of fantastic new friends with the same interest as I have, but the best thing was, so many had similar problems or other problems which gave them empathy to mine. And even though I was in Leicester, I felt safe and among people who understood.
I know I am not alone in having problems going places and that others suffer the same for probably different reasons. They also finish up not going mainly because of the unknown, but I would assure everyone who has problems with stress/anxiety/panic attacks etc or, in fact, any disability you have, these people do not judge. These people understand. These people care.
I cannot say enough good about them—it would take me too long, but if I had not gone to this event, I would not have had a go at their raffle and then I would not have won a prize of a year's subscriptions to Starfleet. I would not have been the Counsellor of this station telling you all about my story. So if you too have any similar reasons that prevent you from going to conventions or any other event, come and talk to me.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

My Holiday

by CDT3 Sandy Reid, Aged 5

I am spending my holiday with Mummy, Daddy and Rosie and we went to Scotland to stay with my Daddy’s Uncle.
They have lots of snow here and we were able to make the biggest snowball ever and we went sledging in a wash basket down a mountain and it was such fun.
I am missing everyone on the Centaur and on one of the nights I wished that some of you was here.
It was when the big snowball started rolling around all by itself and it was making some funny noises. I saw it do all this when I looked out my bedroom window to say goodnight to you all in the sky.
I woke Rosie up for her to have a look at the snowball and she was scared. So I said I was going to have a closer look and she cried cause she did not want me to be got by it. I told her not to worry cause I do this all the time on the Centaur. I took some guns with me. I had a fire torch gun and an orange squash gun.
When I went outside, the snowball started attacking me, so I had to blast it with my fire torch gun and it started melting and screaming, so I squirted it with my orange squash gun to cool it down and shut it up and it rolled away, so I went to bed.
In the morning we went to play in the snow again and we see all the other children round a big orange thing, taking it in turns to have a lick.
They had found the giant snowball!
Grandma always says not to eat yellow snow, but that one was okay, cause it was orange.

I miss you all and Happy New Year
Love Sandy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 1 January 2018

Promotion Announcements


Chloe-May Jameson, Keith Hoskins, Richard Nicholls, Julia Hosack and Rebecca Jane Lockley ... step forward please.

In recognition of successful assignment to and docking with the CENTAUR, you are hereby assigned the rank of Crewman Recruit. We welcome you aboard and look forward to a long and happy service with you.

Congratulations all.